Monday, June 1, 2009

Initial Exploration of Java2Script

For reasons I will better explain later I have been investigating alternatives to GWT. In particular, I spent the last week working with Java2Script. Here are my initial impressions of this project:

First, what it is: Java2Script fulfills a greatly similar role to GWT, in that it acts as a Java-to-JavaScript language compiler. It provides a similar emulation layer for the core JRE class library. Additionally, where GWT provides its own custom widget toolkit API, Java2Script provides an emulation layer for SWT. Java2Script is, in fact, older than GWT. It seems to be less focused on optimizing for performance, and as such allows for such things as dynamic class-loading, a by-design limitation of GWT.

Java2Script only has a few developers, and I think only one main one (Zhou), but so far, I have been very impressed at how supportive and responsive they have been. My first task was to attempt to compile the draw2d API, such that it was able to load without errors. In attempting to accomplish this task, I discovered several bugs in the j2s compiler. I reported them, and within a day or two, Zhou had published fixes. Zhou and the other developers have also been very supportive in terms of offering me guidance with respect to my particular project. And so, by Saturday evening, I had accomplished the first task I set out: the draw2d Hello World example successfully compiled and loaded in the browser. It didn't do anything, but that is to be expected as GC is currently only implemented as stub code.

The next step is to get simple examples of GC working. I don't have a clear idea of how I will accomplish this, yet, as most patterns of using GC rely on setting a Paint event listener on a SWT widget, and using the GC returned on the event. The browser, unfortunately, doesn't expose a native Paint event (only Firefox 3 nightlies, at the moment, as far as I know) so I'll have to find another way to accomplish this. In any case, I have a thread going on this, some sample code to work from, and a good dialogue in progress with one of the developers, so I'm optimistic that I will get a reduced example of GC working by the end of this coming week.

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